If there’s one thing Metro is well-known for, it’s their line of Metro air-to-electronic converters. These products are great for displaying the results of most air gaging measurements. The Metro digital readout display is known for being easy to read due to its large display size. Plus, the air gage Metro display system is very straightforward in how it operates, making it simple for new users to learn on the go.

If you want to use a Metro air-to-electronic converter for your company’s operations, Air Gaging LLC is the best place to get one. We have a few varieties available for you to purchase. Find the one that best suits your needs and start making your air gaging measurements today.

Types of Metro Columns

M1/M3 Air Display

The M1/M3 is the last generation of tool for dimensional control with an air gage : air ring, air plug gage, air fork etc.  The M3 is compatible with all the air gage brands available including Stotz products, making possible to keep your current air gage and to use this modern and versatile display.  The M1 can display 1 measurement configuration while the M3 air can display 2.

M-Bus Modules

The M-Bus modules allow for the display unit to link with many gages currently on the market today.  Inputs for gages such as Solartron, Marposs, Mahr, Tesa, any dual master air gage, Mitutoyo and many others makes the Metro display units the most modular system in the market today.

M3 Inductive Displays

The M3 inductive display is the last generation tool for dimensional control from 1 or 2 Inductive probes. Several versions are available allowing you to connect inductive probes from any brand: Metro, Tesa, Mahr, etc.

M400 Display

The M400 is a powerful gauging unit designed to make dimensional control from 1 to 99 probes, air gages or measuring instruments.  The M400 is universal (different probe technologies accepted) and powerful (up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same time, trigonometrical functions, statistical functions, PLC functions...).  Thanks to its intuitive menus and its general simplicity the M400 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator.