Stotz MSG-CL - 8 channel column

Stotz MSG-CL: this column offers up to 8 pneumatic channels and 4 LVDT channels, running simultaneously.  It also has full SPC and includes Digital I/O, RS232, and Ethernet connections.

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Metro M3 Air Gage Digital Display

We provide a variety of Metro digital displays depending on your application needs.  The M3 air gage display is an easy to use 2 characteristic display with touch screen functionality.  Check out our products page for a full listing of Metro products we carry!

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Stotz MSM Column - Upto 4 Channel

Stotz MSM: this column can have up to 4 pneumatic channels as well as 2 LVDT channels running simultaneously.  It has full SPC and includes Digital I/O, RS232, and Ethernet connections.

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Why Air Gaging?

  • Measurement takes only seconds to achieve.
  • With repeated processes to a millionth of an inch, this is a precise process.
  • Won’t damage any equipment as it is a non-contact process.
  • Consistency between people. No special training is needed—different operators get consistent results.
  • The gage won't wear easily as it has no moving parts.
  • Air gaging products capture complex data in a few easy steps for the user.
  • Air gages can measure areas smaller than 1 mm.

Why use Digital Displays?

  • Easy to use and read information
  • Ability to accept many different probes and measurement devices
  • Units built for industrial environments
  • Ability to display 1 to 32 characteristics simultaneously and read 1 to 99 probes depending on the model
  • Information can also be transferred to other locations and stored as easily

Since 1993

Air Gaging LLC

As a professional air gage company, we proudly sell and service all types of air gaging products, including air rings, air probes, multi-circuited gages, air snaps, master setting rings, master setting discs, lvdt probes, air electronic column readouts, measuring pc's, air to electronic transducers, HSK, CAT tapers, medical devices, and more. We also distribute Stotz air gages. Unlike other companies, we expertly match our air gage products with your requirements. We even distribute Metro digital display products that can work with a variety of probes and measurement inputs depending on your application. These flexible and easy to use display units are perfect for integrating into your quality system or industrial environment.

Air Gaging LLC workbench air gaging station utilizing a Stotz MRA measuring computer with 34 measuring circuits