3 Tips for Correctly Analyzing Air Gage Readings

Air gaging is a measurement technique that offers accurate results. However, it is possible to analyze your air gaging results incorrectly. When accurate results are critical, such as making gun barrels, you can’t make any mistakes in your measurements. Keep reading to learn three tips for correctly analyzing air gauge readings and getting accurate results every time.

Calibrate and Maintain Your Air Gage

Air gages need regular calibration to function optimally. An uncalibrated or improperly calibrated air gage can lead to inaccurate measurements, making it difficult to analyze your readings. Similarly, air gages in bad condition may not function as expected and could provide inaccurate readings. Establish a routine cleaning, lubrication, and calibration routine to get accurate readings from your equipment.

Consider Environmental Influences

Environmental factors like high temperatures, humidity, and pressure changes can influence air gage measurements. This is even more so the case in environments where such factors frequently change. You must factor in the environmental conditions in which you use your air gage in order to analyze the readings correctly. If needed, use compensation formulas to account for influences like high pressure.

Consider the Finish of the Surface You’re Measuring

Air gages can measure various objects, but their measurements will differ based on the object’s finish. Unlike contact-based measurement tools, air gages will produce different results when used with rough surfaces than those with a smooth finish. Considering the surface of the object you are measuring and correlating measurement results with those of a surface measurement tool are key to analyzing your air gage results.

When done correctly, air gaging can provide exact results. These three tips for correctly analyzing air gauge readings can ensure accurate readings from your machine. At Air Gaging LLC, we offer a range of air-gaging tools, such as gun barrel diameter gages. Contact us to learn which tools will best meet your needs.