Metro M400 Display

The Metro M400 is a powerful universal gaging unit designed to make dimensional control from 1 to 99 probes, air gages, or measuring instruments. The sheer number of possibilities the M400 air gage provides for connectivity is what makes it such a popular choice. No matter what brand of air gage instruments you use, the M400 gaging unit will be able to work with it.

The M400 can either be delivered as a tabletop device or a display for panel mounting. No matter where you set it up, you won’t have to worry about the screen getting damaged. It has a polyester sheet over the top that protects it against most liquids, even oil. That means your team will be able to freely use this device without fear of ruining it. If you’re not sold on the Metro M400 just yet, be sure to learn more about it below to see everything this device has to offer.

Product advantages 

  • Touch screen
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Able to display 32 characteristics at the same time
  • Very easy to use
  • USB communication as a keyboard to a computer
  • Static and dynamic measurement
  • Designed for industrial conditions


  • 7" color display with touch screen functions
  • Up to 99 inputs : Air gages, Inductive or digital probes (LVDT, HBT), incremental encoders (Heidenhain, Magnescale, Mitutoyo) or capacitives (Sylvac), temperature, I/O etc..
  • Possibility to display measurements from instruments (calipers, dial gauges etc.) from any brand
  • Compatible with the Sylvac and Bowers bluetooth instruments
  • Up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same screen
  • SPC functions
  • Various means of communications and connections facilities : Profinet (via the MOD-PN external module) USB Host and device, Modbus RTU, RS232, Footswith...
  • Easy and reliable to use

Part Numbers:

45500: M400 Display Unit

M-bus Modules (Full Brochure of Modules Here)

45160:  RS232 communication cable to PC


MB-RS:  Master modules to connect the M-bus multiplexers to a computer or PLC using RS232 or USB

MB-IP: Master module to connect the M-bus multiplexers to a computer or PLC using ethernet or USB

MB-4i/8i: Connection to inductive gaging probes

MB-AG: Module for 1 air gage

MB-2S:  Connection for 2 incremental probes from Heidenhain

MB-BT: Connection for Sylvac wireless measuring instruments

MB-4C: Connection for 4 capacitive probes from Sylvac

MB-2T: Connection for 2 TTL probes or encoders

MB-IO: Allows for the connection to PLC peripherals to your M-bus system, 8 optocoupled I/O

MB-4D & 8D:  Module that allows for any measuring instrument from any brand to plug into the Metro display unit

MB-TP: Allows for the connection to 1 temperature sensor.  Can also be used on the M3/M4000 for a temperature alarm or compensation

MB-1A: Module to connect 1 analogue output from 4-20mA or 0/+10 V

MB-PS:  Power Supply module for M-bus network


Below is an example of the input breakdown for the M400.



One advantage of the M400 is its compatibility with different technologies of probes. Probes are connected on separate modules through the M-bus network. This modular configuration offers the following advantages :

  • Flexible number of probes (up to 99)
  • Possibility to use different technologies simultaneously
    • Inductive (Metro, Tesa compatible, etc...)
    • Incremental linear encoders (Metro, Heindenhain, Magnescale, Mitutoyo)
    • Capacitive (Sylvac)
    • Digital (Metro - Solartron Orbit)
  • The M400 display unit can be installed far from the probes. Extension modules can be connected by only one cable to the M400 without any risk of signal deterioration.


The 8 I/O M-bus module enables to interface automatism devices to the M400 thanks to its 8 optocoupled I/O.
Simple program language allows them to define the needed actions in functions of the inputs and the internal status of the M400. Thanks to this language the user can define a PLC program included in the control characteristics perform the requested functions. These remote I/O are made to automate the measurements. They bring the following additional functionalities :

  • Direct automation of a machine by the M400
  • Automation of the measurement by an external system (PLC)
  • Transmission or display of messages on the screen in function of programmable events.


The M400 is able to store up to 30,000 measurements by part reference and up to 128 part references can be memorized.
The data collected can then be used locally on the M400 for SPC analysis. This can include histograms with Gauss curves, pareto analysis and run charts.


Below are some examples of the graphical interface of the M400.

4 Characteristic Mode

8 Characteristic Mode

Definition of a Characteristic


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