Common Terms You Need To Understand About Air Gages

Air gages gather precise measurements in many industries to ensure accuracy. As with any specialized equipment, understanding common terms associated with air gages is crucial for effectively communicating and interpreting measurement results. In this blog, we’ll define seven common terms you need to understand about air gages.

Air Gage Amplifier

An air gage amplifier is an electronic device that amplifies and processes the signals generated by the gage head. It converts the air pressure variations detected by the gage head into digital or analog readings for operators.


Calibration is the process of adjusting and verifying the accuracy of an air gage using calibrated master gages (see below). Regular calibration is necessary to ensure maintained measurement accuracy.


A column is a device that interprets the results of an air gaging measurement. Operators can easily view and interpret readings with this device.

Gage Head

The gage head is the part of the air gage that makes direct contact with the measured item. It contains a nozzle that emits compressed air, which is then used to measure the item’s dimensions or detect variations in its surface finish.

Master Gage

A master gage is a reference gage used to verify the accuracy and calibration of air gages. Master gages ensure that the air gages you use will provide accurate measurement readings.


Resolution refers to the smallest increment that an air gage amplifier can display. A higher resolution correlates to finer measurement accuracy.


Restriction devices control the flow of air within an air gage amplifier. This restriction measures the pressure distance curve to provide a measurement reading.

Understanding common terms associated with air gages is essential for effective communication in manufacturing, automotive, and quality control settings. By learning these common terms you need to understand about air gages, you’ll be able to interpret and communicate the results of air gaging devices effectively. For more information on air gaging products, check out our website.