Gun Barrel Air Gages

The bore (land) and groove gage as well as the chamber gage ensures that your barrel is made to the correct specifications and will perform at peak conditions.

Gun Barrel Gages

We offer both bore (land) and groove gages as individual probes or we offer a dual gun barrel air gage probe that measures both the bore and groove in one pass.  This spindle allows the user to measure the rifle bore diameter and groove diameter (lands and grooves) simultaneously, drastically reducing measurement redundancy and work load, as well as less wear and tear on the gage and barrel.  The air gage twists in the rifling as you go through the barrel.  Our handles are free spinning making it much easier to push the gage through the barrel.

The information that we need to make the correct gun barrel air gage for you is:

  • Size and tolerance of both the bore (land) and the groove
  • Number of grooves
  • Twist Rate of the rifling (Example 1-8 R.H)
    1. Right Hand or
    2. Left Hand rifling
  • Groove width
  • Length of the barrel


Gun Chamber Air Gages

The chamber gage is a 3 circuit air gage that measures the body on 2 levels and the neck on one level.


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