Air gauging relies on a law of physics that states flow and pressure are directly proportionate to clearance and react inversely to each other. As clearance increases, air flow also increases, and air pressure decreases proportionately. As clearance decreases, air flow also decreases, and air pressure increases.

This is accomplished by having a regulated airflow that travels through some type of restriction, such as a needle valve or jeweled orifice, and then through the nozzle in the air tool. As the obstruction (i.e., workpiece) is brought closer to the nozzle, airflow is reduced and the back pressure is increased. When the nozzle is completely obstructed, the flow is zero, and the backpressure is equal to the regulated air. Conversely, when the nozzle is open to the atmosphere, airflow is at a maximum, and the backpressure is at a minimum.

The intricacies of air gaging, as illustrated above, are exemplified in the precision instruments Stotz produces. A Stotz air gage is designed to deliver accurate and repeatable measurements, thanks to the company's commitment to quality. Stotz air measuring tools are built for high performance, ensuring that you can reliably detect clearance changes and accurately read air pressure adjustments. These tools allow you to maintain the strictest quality control standards, which is a testament to the tool's ingenuity and Stotz’s years of industry experience.

Within the air gaging industry, Stotz has contributed efficient air probes and air pressure gages, as well as other tools, for various applications. Professionals in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries all trust Stotz for high-quality, technologically advanced equipment. Air Gaging LLC gladly offers these tools so you can enjoy the same benefits.

Types of Air Gages

Air Rings

Air rings and C-Gages are used for checking external diameters.

Available in chrome or carbide.

Available to work with most readouts.

Air Probes

These are used for checking internal diameters and are sometimes called air plug gages or air spindles.

Available in steel, chrome or carbide.

Available to work with most readouts.

Master Rings

We offer a full line of master setting rings in X, XX, XXX in steel, chrome, and carbide for calibrating the Air Probes.

Master Plugs

We offer a full line of master plugs/discs in X, XX, XXX in steel, chrome, and carbide for calibrating the Air Rings.