5 Reasons To Use an Air Gage Over a Dial Bore Gage

When it comes to precision measurement in the manufacturing industry, a common debate often arises: should one use an air gage or a dial bore gage? While both tools have their merits, we’re here to argue that you should choose an air gage over a dial bore gage. Here are the reasons why we think the air gage is the superior choice for many applications.

Accuracy and Precision

Air gaging is known for exceptional accuracy. Air gages rely on airflow instead of touch, which eliminates the risk of operator error due to improper handling. This results in a more accurate measurement compared with dial bore gages.

Noncontact Process

As we previously mentioned, unlike dial bore gages that require physical contact with the part being measured, air gages use airflow to take measurements. This noncontact nature of air gaging makes it ideal for delicate or complex parts where physical contact could damage the part or fail to reach intricate areas.

Speed and Efficiency

Another reason to use air gages over dial bore gages is they offer a quick and efficient method of measurement. Since they don’t require contact, you can take most measurements almost instantly. This is particularly beneficial in high-volume production environments where speed is crucial. Since dial bore gages require careful placement and adjustment, they can slow down the measurement process.

Versatility and Flexibility

Air gages are highly versatile and flexible. They can measure a wide range of dimensions, including thickness, depth, diameter, and even flatness. This makes them a valuable tool in diverse manufacturing environments. Dial bore gages, while useful, are typically limited to measuring the diameter of holes and may not offer the same level of versatility.

Automation Compatibility

In today’s digital era, automation is key to increasing productivity and efficiency. Air gages can easily integrate into automated systems, allowing for continuous monitoring and control of the manufacturing process. This not only reduces human error even further, but it also frees up time for operators to focus on other tasks. Dial bore gages, however, are generally manual tools and may not be as compatible with automated systems.

So Are Air Gages Worth It?

While dial bore gages have their place in the manufacturing world, we’d argue that the benefits of air gages make them a worthwhile consideration for any company seeking to improve their measurement processes. If you think that air gage products are the best choice for your company, our website has a variety of options for you to choose from. Be sure to take the time to find the ones that are right for you.