4 Ways Air Gages Are Used In the Automotive Industry

Air gages are known for their precise measurements, which is why they’re so important in industrial settings such as the automotive industry. However, most people are unaware that air gages are used differently throughout the automotive manufacturing and maintenance processes. We discuss four ways air gages are used in the automotive industry below.

Checking the Flatness of Engine Blocks

Air gages are commonly used to check the flatness of engine blocks. During the manufacturing process, it’s essential to ensure that the engine block is flat, as an uneven surface can cause engine overheating or oil leakage. The air gage detects any deviation from flatness by comparing the air pressure between the block and the gage. Manufacturers can then flatten the engine block as needed.

Verifying the Right Clearance Between Two Parts

Another way professionals use air gages in the automotive industry is to ensure that the clearance between two parts is correct. After assembling parts such as bearings, gears, and shafts, the manufacturer must check that they have the specific clearance to work correctly. An air gage can verify the clearance between the parts and detect any deviation from the required specification. If there are any deviations, manufacturers can fix them.

Checking the Thickness of Brake Pads

Car owners must replace their brake pads every 25,000–65,000 miles. Maintenance professionals use air gages to check the thickness of brake pads. As brake pads wear out, they become thinner, and there is less brake lining available for stopping the car. The air gage checks the thickness of the brake pad to see if it needs to be replaced. If it’s too thin, then the maintenance professionals can replace them. If there’s enough lining left, they’ll discuss replacement timelines with the car owner.

Verifying the Roundness of Car Wheels

Car maintenance professionals also use air gages to check the roundness of car wheels. As wheels rotate, they should spin evenly without wobbling. However, if a wheel is not perfectly round, it can cause vibrations while driving. If an air gage detects any deviation from roundness, the maintenance professional can make corrections.

These are just four ways air gages are used in the automotive industry. As technology advances, the use of air gages in the automotive industry is likely to continue to grow. If you need air gages to keep up with these technological advancements, Air Gaging LLC can assist. We can help you find the perfect air gage for your manufacturing or maintenance facility.